January 30, 2017

Facebook App Review: Resource Hog and Many Bugs

The Facebook App, unfortunately, has a lot of issues with bugs, including, heavy ram usage and storage space.

App Rating: 2.0


Large Social Network
Upload and Share Content
Easily Create Groups
Fair Privacy Options


Buggy Experience
Resource Hog
Bad Battery Life
Heavy Data Usage
Limited Personalization

In this app review, we're focusing on the biggest social network to-date, Facebook. The app has a lot of issues and uses tons of resources on any Android or iOS device.

First off, what is it with companies that have billions releasing crappy apps, it's mind-boggling and there's really no excuse for it.

The Facebook app is that app we all hate and love. It's built with surprises, like random black screens, an unresponsive screen, never receiving notifications and the list goes on.

Each update doesn't offer some form of change-log, especially about bugs, so users don't know what each new update offers.

Ram and CPU Hog

Facebook Maximum Memory Usage
Facebook Maximum Memory Usage

You got to ask yourself, why does a social networking app need a lot of ram and so much CPU power?

The Facebook app uses more ram and CPU power than some mobile games, at times crashing your device.

Social Networking

It is a social networking app for Android, which includes sending messages, posting pictures, forming groups, making calls and finding people.

Honestly, it does well in its social functions when the app itself runs smoothly, otherwise it has major issues, like freezing, black screen, reboots, overheating and more.

The most important thing users seek in social apps is messaging. The app doesn't support messaging people on your friends list without an add-on, Messenger.

The Facebook app itself isn't a social networking app without also downloading Messenger to send private messages. Neither Google Plus or Twitter follow this practice but instead offer private messaging in-app.

Battery Life

Needing to install two apps to work as one service is counter productive and resource consuming, contributing to heavy battery drainage.

A well optimized app will use the least amount of resources when performing the same tasks as its competitors. The App has performed poorly since its inception.

Updates and Data Usage

We all love app updates but only when it actually fixes bugs or greatly improves the user experience. Facebook fails to do both with its app.

Updates come at a cost and that's data usage. Facebook releases updates often on the Android Market, amounting to a lot of data usage and if you're on a mobile carrier like Verizon, every MB counts.

This practice shows disregard to end-users, making it an unfriendly and unworthy of an install. But with today's Internet connectivity it's difficult not to use.


Indeed, it's a tough opinion but we're considering the financial means a particular app has and how it's used toward its Android app development.

Should an app be at the top of  the "best apps list" if its core service can be easily duplicated? We think not.

Facebook lacks customization, becoming least attractive when compared to other social networking giants like Google Plus and Twitter.

Personalization is the most attractive thing about an Android device, from colors, layouts and wallpapers. Facebook falls behind in personalization features big-time. It's so behind that if you're not a big fan of blue, you're forever out of luck because that's the only color available.


The Facebook app has most of the standard privacy control options a person expects when dealing with personal pictures and information, except you can't make your personal profile 100% private.

If you don't want anyone to have any access to your Facebook profile or information, like your name, etc... you can't, you can only deactivate your account. But that choice is counter productive because in disabling your Facebook account, to restrict others, you also lose access to it, unless you re-activate it.

You can create private photo albums that only you can view by choice but you can't say the same about your profile. It's a good idea to double-check your privacy settings once in awhile, including other social network accounts you may have.


Facebook is very much relevant today, if not more, than when it first officially launched. But the app struggles a lot with performance fragmentation (not all devices perform equally well) and major bugs.

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  1. I totally agree, the Facebook app slows my system down all the time. If I get a notification while watching a video or playing a game it force closes.

    The funny thing is, when an update comes out I think it will fix it but never does, its been like 10 updates ago. :(

    1. Thank you for the comment lovie! Yup, Facebook is on your best app list :)

  2. Anonymous5:09 PM

    It works better on an Iphone, I know a friend with one and it runs smoothly but on my GS6 it runs slower. Why?

    1. iOS has more limits on what apps can and cannot do or use, to avoid what the Facebook app does on Android.