January 29, 2017

Pokémon Go Review: The Bad, Worst and Unbearable

Pokémon Go was made for high-end Android mobile devices but the graphics and the gameplay's repetitious nature delivers less than satisfactory visuals, on any Android phone or tablet.

App Rating: 1.0


Improves Health
Encourages Traveling
100% Free


Bad Battery Life
Bad Graphics
Lack of Features
Limited Gameplay

Our first Android app review is here and it's about the biggest mobile game of 2016, Pokémon Go.

It had a great start, a lot of the fans of the Nintendo franchise were anticipating features like PvP battles and trading but after a month, daily players started to decline because of cheating, battery issues and major bugs.

In the beginning, it was easy to spoof your GPS location, if you had a rooted or jail broken device and capture extremely rare Pokémon, like the legendary Dragonite, on the other side of the world.

Modern devices like the iPhone, iPad, OnePlus 3 and Galaxy S5, S6 S7 come equipped with advance CPUs, GPUs, Internet Connectivity including Bluetooth. Player-to-player functionality should have been easy to add, majority of today's mobile devices are more advanced than a Nintendo 3DS.

We're being as honest as possible when we say that 'the game sucks.' There are so many reasons why the game should have never been released, especially on a technological standpoint.

Niantic, a multi-million dollar company, with the resources to hire the best coders in the world, released a game an 11 year-old could make on their own, minus some of the server-side things of course, but with all the server bugs maybe that too. 😉

In all, the entire experience feels like an idea quickly pasted together, like most pay-to-win games currently infesting all app stores.

In this Pokémon Go Review, we're going to first cover the most disappointing things about the Android game.


Mobile phones and tablets surpassed the GameCube console years back but game developers continue to release crappy graphics, that drains way too much battery life per hour and looks like something made in the year 2000.

Pokémon Go was made for high-end Android mobile devices but the graphics and the gameplay's repetitious nature delivers less than satisfactory visuals, on any Android phone or tablet.

Current high-end Android devices come equipped with a Snapdragon GPU, capable of rendering console quality graphics, as seen on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Pokémon Go looks more like Mario World from Nintendo 64.

Graphical interaction with the Pokémon is limited and repetitive.

The biggest visual disappointment is the fact that you can't walk with a captured Pokémon on the Pokémap.

You can pick a Pokémon to walk but you can't see it walk with you? That doesn't make sense.

Niantic developers paid little to no attention to small details, let alone bigger one's, when it came to the visual presentation of Pokémon Go.


This is where it becomes completely worthless and outright unbearable to install and play, battery usage. The Pokémon Go Android App causes your mobile device to have extremely poor battery life, not to mention overheating.

Beach goers and sunny day seekers will catch more headaches keeping the sweat off their hands and screen, then catching Pokémon.

We've come across players sporting one or two portable battery packs and still only get 6-8 hours of battery juice.

That's tremendous strain on any battery and for obvious reasons, we can't recommend installing this app.

Q: What's causing heat and battery drainage?
A: Pokémon Go uses your mobile device's GPS constantly.

Naintic knew battery would be a serious issue but instead of finding new creative ways to deal with GPS and battery issues, they released an unpolished game, that would incidentally, shorten the life-span of millions of mobile devices. Batteries don't last forever you know.


We don't consider anything that requires anyone to burn thousands of calories everyday a mobile game, because of the physical requirements to play and have fun.

After a week of playing the Pokémon Go, it won't feel like a game at all but more like a workout program app. If you're looking to lose weight or get in better shape, this app is for you and will work just as good as some weight-loss programs you see late at night.

Offline Mode

People that looked forward to experiencing gameplay that resembled the classic TV cartoons, some watched growing-up or on YouTube etc... were sadly disappointed to learn there's no offline story mode or online campaign for that matter.

Play To Win

Free games like Pokémon Go, with the pay-to-win model, in our humble opinion, need to go instinct like the dinosaurs.

In the long-run, PokéBalls are the most expensive item in the game. After you're tired-out from walking your first 100 miles, you'll still want to play, then realize, how fast PokéBalls run-out, especially when the Pokémon keep popping out the egg randomly, forcing you to use another PokéBall.

You can always walk another 100 miles collecting PokéBalls, but again, that obviously gets tiring.


Multiple deaths and crimes were reported that involved playing Pokemon Go.

People have been shot for trespassing, people have been ambushed and robbed, while others have gone to jail.

When a game causes death or sends you to jail because indirectly, it insinuates you break the law, it's no longer a game to be played.

I mean, what do you do when a Dragonite appears right behind a 'No Trespassing' sign?


The release of Pokémon Go was, in all sense and purposes, an utter disappointment. Gameplay feels like a prototype than a complete consumer product. Gps drains your battery constantly, in-turn resulting in very poor battery-life on any Android device.

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