February 15, 2017

360 Security Review: Gimmick or Antivirus Boost

The 360 Security app is more of a privacy threat, battery hog and resource hog. With its misleading services and spammy origins, the app is more of a placebo effect and Ad hog.

App Rating: 1.0


Storage Cleaner
App Lock
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Misleading Services Spyware
Battery Hog
Ad Hog
Resource Hog

Ever visit a website then get a pop-up that vibrates your device, warning you that your device is infected with a virus? If yes, blame 360 Security because it's been known to spam.

The 360 Security app fools users with misleading services that if you're uneducated on how the Android system works, you'll more than likely fall for services like "Repair Battery Life," not realizing you're experiencing a placebo effect and that you're making the device perform worst by interfering with how Android handles internal memory and background services/apps.

Repair Battery Life

The most misleading service the 360 Security app has is the ability to repair/extend your devices battery in some way. It's impossible to repair your device's battery with an app. Android only offers battery stats with no options to repair the battery itself.

Here's why the entire service is one big misleading joke; if you're not rooted (root permissions) some system apps can't be force closed with out it relaunching on its own, affecting the memory cache, garage collection etc... Some apps can be disabled but not all can. Apps that can't be disabled will relaunch and cause unnecessary CPU cycles, poorly affecting battery life because apps in memory save battery by not having to relaunch app data and restart app/system services. You will experience a placebo effect because the system will temporally speed up but a few hours later you'll need to redo the process again, yet again affecting the battery poorly.

But most importantly, new Android versions like Marshmallow and Nougat come with doze mode and battery optimizations built into the system, dealing with battery consumption better than older versions like Lollipop.

The best thing you can do to save battery is to upgrade your Android device or system to Marshmallow or Nougat and if available a bigger battery.

Phone Cooler

The Phone Cooler service is another misleading option that uses the same technique as "Repair Battery." It force closes all background apps causing another placebo effect.

Game Booster

Sorry to say, Game Booster is another misleading service that uses the same optimization methods as Batter Saver and Phone Cooler, causing another temporary placebo effect.

Antivirus and Malware Protection

360 Security Antivirus
360 Security Antivirus

Antivirus Android apps are sort of spyware on Android, recording the apps you use and the websites you visit, while never really protecting you from a Android virus.

Android is built on Linux and like iOS, the last thing to worry about is a virus, you're not using a windows device. Android is built on permissions and if a hacker doesn't have it then a virus won't either.

Malware is a different issue because there are malicious apps out there that aim to gain permissions to remotely control your Android device. A hacker could lock you out of your device, forcing you to factory reset.

But since other security services are misleading, we wouldn't recommend you to trust that 360 Security is actually protecting you from malware.

Battery Stats

Battery Stats is unreliable and doesn't sync with Android's built-in battery stat information. Like we mentioned previously, in theory the app drains battery more than it saves it.

Storage Cleaner and App Lock

360 Security App Lock
360 Security App Lock

Both are useful services that work but there are better options on the Google app store that aren't misleading. App lock allows users to lock apps by enabling security that forces users to enter a password to open them.

You need to allow extra administrator privileges, which we don't recommend because of its shady practices.


In our opinion, the 360 Security app is more of a privacy threat, battery hog and resource hog. With its misleading services and spammy origins, the app is more of a placebo effect and Ad hog.

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  1. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Nice review, I noticed the same things. Game booster seemed to work but noticed the apps it closed restart in the background, the same thing for the other options.

    Are there other apps like 360 Security that actually work?

    1. Unfortunately, any app that claims to safeguard you from a virus is spyware. Linux/Android/iOS and Windows handle security entirely different. If you find yourself with some sort of virus you're device is hacked but on Windows a simple script can infect your device without the need for administrator privileges, if clicked.