February 15, 2017

Best 3 Android File Manager Apps

Here's App Verdict's best 3 file manager apps, now available for Android on the app store and a side-loaded option.

Android, the most customizable mobile OS available, lacks a decent stock file manager. In most cases, you'll find yourself heading to the app store for a file explorer because you're looking for a file you downloaded awhile ago and cannot find it.

Sometimes, we download the first app we see with the best rating but like we've mentioned before, the Play Store is full of fraudulent ratings and reviews.

Once we download an app we rarely try another similar app, unless the current one fails to do something we need at the moment.

But is it the best app, with tons of useful features that may come in-handy sometime in the future?

Will the app developer offer updates for future Android releases?

These are questions to ask when needing to install an app. Remember, apps stay on your device and when you get a new one, a restore will put that app on the new device too. So, in essence an app can become a part of you, more so if you use it everyday.

Why not make sure you're installing the very best app and never worry about having to install a tons more, looking for one file manager feature.

Here's App Verdict's best 3 file manager apps now available for Android on the app store and a side-loaded option.

We'll start with the least best app and we're kind of retiring a classic because it seems that the gap between features has grown with some newer file managers.

Root Explorer

Root Explorer File Menu
Root Explorer File Menu

(Retired Classic) - A classic, and possibly still the best minimalist and simple Android file manager of all-time.

This file manager is straightforward, allowing you to copy and paste files to and from your Sdcard or any directory/folder.

Reliability is another strength for this file manager. It rarely, never during our testing, force closes or freezes your device. There's nothing more annoying than an app that makes your screen unresponsive, forcing a hard-reboot.

It's designed with the minimalist Google theme, keeping everything look neat and simple.

File Editor

Root Explorer comes with a very simple custom file editor. Most people will opt for a more feature rich editor. It even lacks a word search tool which is quite common in most file editors. It does allow you to use an external editor, which is very much appreciated. 😂

If you're looking for a lite file manager with a small memory footprint than Root Explorer is for you.

Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is one of the newer, more modern file explorers currently available. It's very feature rich, sporting a internal app manager. Folders are marked with icons and the entire app can be customized with themes.

App Manager

The app allows you to browse through user apps, system apps and quickly uninstall or install an app from the Play Store. App stats are extensive and beautifully displayed.

File Editor

The file editor is basic with more features than Root Explorer; it has a word search tool for starters. But lacks more advance options like an XML/HTML editor.

Image Viewer

It also comes with a basic image viewer, with image properties and set as wallpaper option.

In all, Solid Explorer is great for an experienced Android user, with its App Manager, File Editor and Image Viewer but may be a bit overwhelming for a newbie.


MiXplorer File Menu
MiXplorer File Menu

Hands-down, MiXplorer is the best Android file manager. It's feature rich and highly recommended for advanced users. App and Web designers would benefit from its easy but powerful internal XML/HTML editor.

It comes with a minimalist look and folders/files come labeled with icons, making it easy to find item types. MiXplorer is the closest thing to a desktop file manager available for Android.

File Editor

The file editor is advanced and powerful with most options a person expects in an editor, like a word search tool. 😁 File type is automatically identified and opened in its editable format. HTML files are loaded with attributes and tags colored.

App Manager

It comes with a basic built-in app manager with storage and ram usage details.

Servers (File Hosting)

It comes with the ability to start and create different server types. Three in fact; FTP, HTTP and TCP, all helpful to transfer files between computers, online and offline.

MiXplorer is a well thought-out file manager that's constantly updated and 100% free, including no ads. The best versions are found over at XDA-Developers and needs to be side-loaded (Installed From Storage).

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  1. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Thanks for sharing MiXplorer. I've been searching for a file manager that has a powerful built-in editor.