February 07, 2017

Dawn of Titans Review: Is It The Best Graphic Game For Mobile

After two years of being under-development, has Dawn of Titans lived-up to its boasting, "The BEST graphics on mobile"? Find out in this Dawn of Titans review.

App Rating: 2.8


100% Free
Long Campaign
Online Gameplay
Daily Missions


Limited In-game
Chatting System
Long Play Time Wait
Large File Size
Can't Invite Facebook Friends
Limited Gameplay Guide

After two years of being under-development, has Dawn of Titans lived-up to its boasting, "The BEST graphics on mobile"? Find out in this Dawn of Titans review.


It's a bold claim but even though it does sport eye-candy graphics for a Android mobile game, it doesn't render the best graphics on Android phones or tablets overall. Determining if Dawn of Titans graphics are the best is simple, just compare two game's real-time graphics. In DOT's case, it loses hands-down to Real Racing 3, Godfire and Dead Trigger 3. All three don't use 8 bit graphics for large parts of its real-time visuals. Still, it has good graphics for an Android game. Titans look realistic, especially in the Hall of Titans. Your castle and buildings look detailed with beautiful zoom in/out effects when navigating through the game, but they aren't considered real-time graphics. The only time you can control real-time objects, like Titans or troops, is during raids.

Game Play

Game play is top-notch and feels more game-console like with its ability to host massive war battles, consisting of thousands of troops. How is this even possible? It turns out that the thousands of soldiers fighting along-side your Titan are in very low quality. It's the magic behind the massive real-time game play and the very reason why it's not "The BEST graphics," game "on mobile."

Campaign Mode

This is where Dawn of Titans shine, campaign mode, it's fun, extensive, rewarding and challenging but lacks offline gameplay. You need a constant internet connection to play Dawn of Titans on Android.


You can progress in the game for free by investing massive amount of your time but gems enables you to level-up and get Titans faster. No matter how much time you've spent playing, a person using gems can beat you. Dawn of Titans offers weekly tournaments and events but you can't earn enough gems to compete because some players spend hundreds weekly in real cash to rank and win top prizes. Top prizes include rare Titans, rare Relics, Portal Stones and Gems. Game play gets unattractive when you're no longer able to compete without spending real cash at some point, because other players are stronger and more well-equipped making their Castle and army unbeatable. You'll find yourself in this situation once you've been promoted to a higher league at some-point. Chances are, if you're in a very competitive alliance and don't compete, you'll be kicked out, leaving you with no alliance as well as losing your VP (Victory Points) or Event Points. Yup, that sucks! ūü§Ē


Dawn of Titans offers in-game chatting and private messaging but does a very poor job when trying to organize or bulk message your alliance members. You'll be copying and pasting until your fingers goes numb. You'll be surprised to know you can't easily invite all your friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter and Google Plus. Why? We have no clue because it would help increase the amount of daily active players. You can't chat with other alliance members or opponents during raids. The game would do well with revamping its chatting system all together, with something more gamer friendly.

Battery Usage

The game drains your battery pretty quickly. It seems to drain much faster when viewing your Titans in the Hall of Titans or when fighting online. The game uses massive amounts of GPU and CPU power, amounting to poor battery life. Overall, Dawn of Titans is worth playing because even if it doesn't have the best graphics on Android, they look beautiful and well polished. The app download size is over 700mb and you'll need an internet connection to play.


Dawn of Titans has its strengths and weaknesses but the former outweighs the later. It's battles are captivating and the real-time controllability brings console gaming to the plam of your hands. Here's a list of resources to get you started with the basics and information on the numerous Titans and Relics in the game.

Official Wiki
Official Website
Official Download


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