App Guidelines

On App Verdict, you'll find that 3.0+ Android app ratings are super-rare.

That's because majority of app developers fail to optimize their app, to run smoothly on Android devices.

Also, apps fail to do the things it says it does in its description or update notes.

A Standard 3.0 Android App Rating

A 3.0 app rating means your app meets our app guidelines and has useful features or services. The highest rating an app can receive is 5.0.

Only 2 points count toward your app rating for features and services.

If your app meets our guidelines and has great features or services, your app will receive a 3.0+ app rating.

Even if your app has great features or services but fails to meet our app guidelines, your app won't receive a standard 3.0 app rating.

Features and services become a rating factor only if our app guidelines are met.

If your app meets our guidelines but lacks features or services, the 2 points used for features and services will be subtracted from your 3 points, and your Android app rating will be 1.0.

App Verdict's Android App Guidelines

  • Ram Usage
  • Cpu & GPU Usage
  • Disk Space
  • Bug Fixes with Notes
  • Update Data Size and Frequency
  • Readability
  • Ad Usage
  • Battery Usage

Ram Usage: Your app can't use a lot of ram, causing the mobile OS to crash.

CPU & GPU Usage: Your app can't use a lot of the mobile OS resources, causing instability.

Disk Space: Your Android app cannot exceed 100 MBs, unless your app is a game.

Bug Fixes with Notes: App updates must have a Change-log publicly available.

Update Data Size and Frequency: App updates cannot cause excessive mobile data usage or annoy users.

Readability: App text must be readable and not strain eyes.

Ad Usage: Your app's main focus cannot be serving Ads or annoy users with too many Ads.

Battery Usage: Your app can't drain battery unreasonably. App must be battery optimized and tested.